Nail Gun Cover Final

“This collection of poems alternately pierces the reader with astute and heartbreaking observations (Good Drums is a particularly devastating musing on white, male American-ness) while at the same time using evocative language to spar with and challenge the ideas of belonging and connection and love. These poems invite the reader to contemplate what it means to come from somewhere, and how it feels to long for a place that isn’t home, but could be. They invite us to see the mundane as essential, and to see and celebrate the things that connect us to our identity. The title of this collection is apt; like a nail gun, these poems violently pierce, but do so in service to building something sturdy and sheltering, and every one is a love letter to the dance that makes us who we are.” – Sherry Frost, Educator

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Rumham Cover

“Beau Williams is a hurricane in another town; you don’t hear him coming but you have the eerie feeling that he is destroying your ex girlfriends house. A melodic storyteller, Williams paints vivid vignettes of travel, heartbreak, and home, all while weaving humor through the core. This book is like watching a porch door swinging on one hinge and you know, in the end, it will break off or it will be mended. With Williams, both outcomes would be satisfactory.” Kait Rokowski


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