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Let’s get writing!

If you are like me and are finding less and less time to write these days, join me on Saturday the 12th for an hour or so to treat yourself. This will be a low-impact, intimate, and fun writing workshop that will get your brain and your pen moving again.

I am excited to see you all again, be it virtually, and get back into the flow of writing!

This event will take place at 7 pm GMT/2 pm EST/11 am PST on Zoom (link is above).

Tell your friends!

Book Launch Recording!

Recording of “Things I Blindly Took As Gospel” Book Launch

On May 8th I launched my newest poetry collection by Waterside Productions with the help of a select few amazing poets! If you missed the action, you can buy your copy of the event here!


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Need help with your writing or performance? Whether you have just picked up a pen for the first time and are looking for direction or you are about to compete in an major poetry slam competition, I want to help you reach that goal! This 3-week course is customized exactly for you. We start with an initial meeting where we will discuss where you are at and where you would like to be with regards to poetry, then we will create a personalized project plan to get you there.

If you just want some writing encouragement and someone to hold you responsible for producing work, I got you. If you are trying to make a slam team and need performance help, I got you. If you are working on a manuscript and you don’t know if your work is up to publication par, I got you! Whatever the need, with this program, I will give you and your work the undivided attention it deserves.

So let’s get to work!

2 Meter Review Winter Edition 2021 Physical Copies Are Now Available!

Click the image above to purchase 2 Meter Review Winter Edition 2021

Between the Autumn and early Winter of 2021, we collected some of the best poetry, prose, and photography that Ireland and the United States has to offer. Please enjoy this anthology of over 60 contributors including Silvia Poppmeier, E.R. Murray, Conor Quinlan, Phil Lynch, Wil Gibson, Annette Marie Skade, Jillian Hanesworth, and more!

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Let’s hang out on Saturday the 27th! I will be performing a set of original poetry and I want you to be there! It has been a long year but dangit, we’re “Still Writing!”

Life is a bit hectic these days, so the fee for this event is Pay-What-You-Can. I want everyone to be able to make it to this show. It has been far too long since I’ve performed for your wonderful faces!

Payments can be made via
PayPal: @bwpoet
Venmo: @bwpoet
Revolute: @beauarf71
Bank Transfer: DM me for details
(Suggested $5-$25)

Zoom Link for the event: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86260697731

So mark it on your calendar, click “Going” on this event page, spread the word, pay what you can, and let’s have some fun!
See you there!


Who wants new poetry merch!? Get your T-Shirt today with a quote from Beau’s poem “Highland Inn” from his book Nail Gun and a Love Letter.

Submissions are CLOSED for the 2 Meter Review Anthology: Volume II

We are excited to announce the winners and anthology soon!

Purchase your digital copy of the 2 Meter Review Anthology: Volume 1 by clicking the image below

Purchase your digital copy of the 2 Meter Review Anthology: Volume 1

 Buy your copy of “Whiskey and Words” Live Poetry Show from Beau’s Sitting Room

The live recording of “Is Something Burning!?” Live Poetry Show from Beau’s Kitchen

Photograph by Robyn Nicole Towle

“Tie your demons to the twisted roots of the closest tree; we will walk from this forest holy.”