2 Meter Review

Two Meter Review is a small poetry press based in Dublin. We are a working-class, grassroots
publication motivated by connection and the elevation of Irish and American voices.
We believe poetry is powerful, expressive, poignant, and necessary.

Created by Beau Williams and Hazel Hogan, the 2 Meter Review is an anthology publishing poetry and photography, described as a ‘working-class grassroots publication motivated by the connection and the elevation of Irish and American voices.’ 

Beau Williams is an American poet, workshop facilitator, and spoken word artist based in Dublin. Having built his career on the road, and performed in 46 states across America and in many countries across Europe, he has teamed up with Dublin spoken word poet and writer Hazel Hogan whose poetry is part of the Irish Poetry Reading Archive in the UCD digital library. Her poem ‘Grangegorman’ is also on the recommended list to be studied as part of the Junior Certificate English curriculum.

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Between the Autumn and early Winter of 2021, we collected some of the best poetry, prose, and photography that Ireland and the United States has to offer. Please enjoy this anthology of over 60 contributors including Silvia Poppmeier, E.R. Murray, Conor Quinlan, Phil Lynch, Wil Gibson, Annette Marie Skade, Jillian Hanesworth, and more!

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In our inaugural issue, we brought together some of the top poets and photographers in Ireland. This project initiated in response to the lockdown brought on by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.