Book Launch Recording!

Recording of “Things I Blindly Took As Gospel” Book Launch

On May 8th I launched my newest poetry collection by Waterside Productions with the help of a select few amazing poets! If you missed the action, you can buy your copy of the event here!



Need help with your writing or performance? Whether you have just picked up a pen for the first time and are looking for direction or you are about to compete in an major poetry slam competition, I want to help you reach that goal! This 3-week course is customized exactly for you. We start with an initial meeting where we will discuss where you are at and where you would like to be with regards to poetry, then we will create a personalized project plan to get you there.

If you just want some writing encouragement and someone to hold you responsible for producing work, I got you. If you are trying to make a slam team and need performance help, I got you. If you are working on a manuscript and you don’t know if your work is up to publication par, I got you! Whatever the need, with this program, I will give you and your work the undivided attention it deserves.

So let’s get to work!

Poetry Mentor Project

In this four-week program you will receive: – Initial Zoom consultation to plan our strategy for you. – 3, 1-hour Zoom sessions to carry out our custom designed course for you. – Unlimited email communication with me. – Custom designed course including exercises, homework, and 1-on-1 guidance.


From the Stage // E-Book (Limited Edition)

This limited edition e-book contains a few poems that are not found in my full length collection.


Virtual Poetry Marketplace // Custom Poem

Want inspiration for your day? Need a poem to mark a special occasion? Let me write you a custom poem! All you have to do is: 1. Email me an appropriate topic. 2. Give me a few details to work with (images, context, etc..) 3. Receive a custom poem!



Who wants new poetry merch!? Get your T-Shirt today with a quote from Beau’s poem “Highland Inn” from his book Nail Gun and a Love Letter.

Shirts come in sizes Sm-XL. Limited supplies available and they are selling out quick. Email me today to see what sizes are available!

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The live recording of “Is Something Burning!?” Live Poetry Show from Beau’s Kitchen

Buy “Is Something Burning!?”


Nail Gun Cover Final
Click the image above to purchase the book.

“This collection of poems alternately pierces the reader with astute and heartbreaking observations (Good Drums is a particularly devastating musing on white, male American-ness) while at the same time using evocative language to spar with and challenge the ideas of belonging and connection and love. These poems invite the reader to contemplate what it means to come from somewhere, and how it feels to long for a place that isn’t home, but could be. They invite us to see the mundane as essential, and to see and celebrate the things that connect us to our identity. The title of this collection is apt; like a nail gun, these poems violently pierce, but do so in service to building something sturdy and sheltering, and every one is a love letter to the dance that makes us who we are.”

– Sherry Frost, Educator

Rumham Cover

“Beau Williams is a hurricane in another town; you don’t hear him coming but you have the eerie feeling that he is destroying your ex girlfriends house. A melodic storyteller, Williams paints vivid vignettes of travel, heartbreak, and home, all while weaving humor through the core. This book is like watching a porch door swinging on one hinge and you know, in the end, it will break off or it will be mended. With Williams, both outcomes would be satisfactory.”

 – Kait Rokowski, Writer, Performer, National Poetry Slam Semi-Finalist